We believe humans are like one big family, sharing this diverse and beautiful planet under one blue sky – a roof if you will, we also believe that we deserve much more effective communication platforms that could empower us to maximally and freely connect while pursuing individual life journeys, against the boundaries of geography, time differences and weather changes; with utmost attention to our content privacy.

With that in mind and considering current communication tools limitations, we have envisioned a Communication Platform that will enable its users to Almost-Live With each other, where streamlined essential life cues are seamlessly exchanged, enabling users to intuitively communicate feelings, captured moments, memories, milestones, help, tips and much more – we made it our objective to materialize this into reality.

The following Q&A will help you to familiarize with ALW

What are ALW Privileges?

ALW Privileges are three categories that you can classify your ALW Mates into, and then grant access of any Card you are posting either to one, two or three available Privileges.
The default ALW three Privileges are Family, Buddies and Others; however you can personalise those into your preferred labels, in your own terminology or even language (e.g. Intimates, Colleagues & Team)

What is the Hub?

It is the heart of the ALW experience; where in a single view you can check all mates’ activities – classified into the privileges you assigned, including cards updates, active chats and lounge feeds.

What is My Board?

It is your space on ALW, where you will exchange your profile data (including the intrinsic feeds of location time zone difference & temperature updates) as well as any Card you would choose to post; boards are designed to accommodate up to four Cards at a time – out of available six, if you wish to post a fifth card, you will need to deactivate another; finally while posting any card you will need to assign which Privilege(s) can view this card.

What are ALW Mates?

ALW mates are any contacts saved on your mobile device and have registered on ALW; you will be prompted to assign all your ALW Mates into one of three available Privileges, there is also a dedicated tab where you can view all chat & calls history with any of your ALW mates.

What are ALW Cards? How can I use them?

ALW features carefully selected six Cards, themed around key life cues, namely: NBT (Next Big Thing), Collage, Hooked On, Help, Tips & My Zone; all designed for you to best express yourself in different situations; you will be able to post only four Cards at a time and to assign which Privilege(s) can view any specific card; similarly you will be able to view your mates’ Cards which you are privileged to access.

What are Lounges? How is it different?

ALW lounge is where a group of ALW Mates meet to chat, exchange media and uniquely organize events, with real-time log of invitees’ responses – whether Accepted, Tentative or Declined

How does Help Card Work?

You can seek help from any of your ALW mates, by posting a Help Card on your board and assign it to any privilege, once any of your mates respond to your query, you will receive a notification on your respective Hub privilege icon, also you can answer any Help question from an ALW mate from this user Board; finally you can access all your exchanged Help answers & questions in the Help Bank.

Can I customise any part ALW?

You can personalise virtually all ALW platform modules to your own lingo or even language, so that you enjoy a really one-of-a-kind experience, simply go to the Customise Your ALW part of the Settings.

Can I share media from and to ALW?

You can easily share media from ALW to any other app, by simply long pressing the media you want, a window will open with all apps to select from; also you can share any media to ALW by selecting to whether post your media, text or link into a card or a single chat thread.