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ALW (Almost-Live With) experience takes communication and instant messaging to whole new frontiers, with the most engaging and intuitive features, enabling realtime communication through voice calling, voice messages, chats and text messages with your family, friends, anywhere, anytime.

ALW guarantees you a unique experience of unprecedented awareness of your mates / contacts backgrounds by offering one-of-a-kind features such as:

Time Zone: Even without revealing your location, the app automatically updates the time zone difference between you and your contacts, cuing them about your availability and vice versa!
Weather feeds: Instantly view weather highlights your ALW contacts currently experiencing.

Privileges: If you feel that not all your contacts should have same access to your content, the platform is powered to classify your contacts to 3 privileges / categories, with which you can direct and prioritize your responses.

Mood: Reflect your mood by simply choosing an emoji that mirrors your state of mind! choose from; sick, happy, stressed, another day etc.
You can select to update & share up to 4 out of 6 available distinct featured Cards, whether you want to ask forHELP from your contacts, or you want to TIP them about anything you deem useful; share your NBT (Next Big Thing) event or milestone in your life, or let them know what is keeping you busy through a Hooked On card, you also have ability to innovate by posting a My Zone card or finally Create your own Photo Collage right here on ALW and mesmerize the world with your charm.

The Hub: will give you in a single view all feeds summary from your contacts and more importantly clustered in the privileges you designed

Voice Messages: Need to send an urgent message while on move? Use ALW’s voice message feature where you can play what you recorded before sending, which enables seamless connect with your gang; no matter wherever you are.

Voice Calls: More to add to the fabulous features listed above, ALW enables crystal clear voice calls with your ALW family members – absolutely FREE of cost! Connect with your globally dispersed friends and talk uninterruptedly for hours, without spending your mobile talktime.

ALW Groups or“LOUNGES” will be your preferred destination to exchange media, text or voice messages and for the first time to organize events

Loaded with so many amazing features, ALW is your quintessential end-to-end beyond communication platform that is carefully designed in a language that we use in our daily parlance – shun the clipped lingo with ALW, moreover you can customize it to even to your own lingo or totally a different language, making ALW almost-language free.

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